Vanilla Knight
Vanilla Knight
Justice Force Soldier 1: バニラ·ナイト (Vanilla Knight)
Vital statistics
Type Enemy Warrior
HP 19900
ST 5700
DF 6000
Stat Reduction None
Compatibility 0
Reward 5 SP
Card Deck Meiji card deck
Barcode 1 995760 405174

Vanilla Knight or バニラ·ナイト (Banira·Niato) is the first warrior of the Justice Force of Freeze Land. While he is the first in the Meiji card deck and has a heroic description, he is determined by the Barcode Battler II (and other black Barcode Battlers) to be an enemy rather than a hero, thus only allowing the player to use him in C0 mode.

Description (Japanese)Edit


An invincible hero who protects the love and justice of Freeze Land. He has the Super Sword "Kone" and the Super Sheild "Monaka" as proof that he is the strongest soldier. The key to destroy evil is the lady wizard.

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