Jaw Breaker
Jaw Breaker
Warrior 6: Jaw Breaker of the Sweet Clan
Vital statistics
Type Heroic Warrior
Partner Cool Candy
HP 4000
ST 1200
DF 700
Stat Reduction (C0 only) None
Compatibility 3
Card Deck Black Barcode Battler
Barcode 0 401207 336501

Jaw Breaker is a heroic warrior from the Barcode Nebula. Of the three warriors in his team, Jaw Breaker boasts the highest Health Points and Strike stats, but suffers from having the lowest Defensive stat.


Nobody knows if Jaw Breaker is naturally the strong silent type or whether it's just the effect of those gobstoppers. Whatever the answer, this hi-tech hitman from the Sweet Clan has the ability to vanquish enemies with heat-seeking spheres. The effect is literally 'shocking'! He has only one soft spot - he's 'sweet' on Cool Candy.

Commerce ConflictEdit

During the dominion of the evil Emperor Boss, he teamed up with the other Barcode Nebula heroes: Beast Feast, Cool Candy, Jam Bam, Razor Fist and Mega Blaster.

While saving the Barcode Nebula from the forces of Emperor Boss, Jaw Breaker had to travel through four time Eras and a total of twenty Light Worlds before taking on the ten Anti Matter Monsters.

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