Enemy 6: Darman ‘The Wizard Eater’
Vital statistics
Type Enemy Warrior
HP 50900
ST 11500
DF 9400
Stat Reduction None
Compatibility 5
Reward 600 ST, 5 SP
Card Deck Tomy Black Barcode Battlers
Barcode 5 091594 055724

Darman ‘The Wizard Eater’ was one of the strongest of the ten Anti-matter monsters of the Emperor Boss. His Health Points were unmatched, and only Droome had higher Strike strength, though his Defence was average. When defeated in C2 mode, he gave the highest Strike bonus as well as Survival Points.


Everyone looks up to Darman ‘The Wizard Eater’ - that’s because he’s thirty metres tall and so strong that he prefers to use bare hands rather than weapons in battle. Of course, you should always remember that: “The bigger they are the harder they....”

Commerce ConflictEdit

During the Commerce Conflict, the Barcode Nebula heroes had to fight through four Eras, getting twelve Sacred Keys from twenty Light Worlds to get to the Emperor Boss in his Battle Station. Once there, they faced Darman and the other Anti-matter monsters before slaying the Emperor Boss and freeing the Barcode Nebula once and for all.

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