Compatibility determines if a barcode scanned as an item will work for a specific character. As a character's compatibility is governed by the same digit that sets if it is a warrior or wizard, only warriors can have a Compatibility value of 0.

Warriors with Compatibility 0 can use life power items of Compatibility 0 and 1, weapons and protectors of Compatibility 0, 7 and 9 and, along with all other characters, all survival items and news when in C1 mode. In practice, as many of the weapon and protector cards and all known life power item cards are Compatibility 0, these warriors can use most of the available items.

For items, all Compatibility 0 weapons and protectors can be used by any warrior, but as the same digit determines what type all other items are, only life power items can be Compatibility 0 that are available for all characters to use (which, again, in practice is what all known life power item cards are).

The following cards have Compatibility 0:





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