Beast Feast
Beast Feast
Wizard 1: Beast Feast of the Crisp Clan
Vital statistics
Type Heroic Warrior
Partner Mega Blaster
HP 3400
ST 900
DF 1200
Stat Reduction (C0 only) None
Compatibility 7
Card Deck Tomy Black Barcode Battlers
Barcode 0 340912 373503

Beast Feast is a wizard from the Barcode Nebula. Of the three Commerce Conflict wizards, Beast Feast has the highest Health Points but middling Strike and Defence stats, and, with Compatibility7, is the only one not to be able to use Magic Spirit.


Half man, half beast, this hairy member of the Crisp Clan has much more to offer than just an impressive set of dentures to scare bite-size enemies. A master of disguise, Beast Feast then sneaks up close to enemies and appears to explode - emitting tiny, lethal shards that tear through anything. A superhero with a truly dynamite personality.

Commerce ConflictEdit

During the Commerce Conflict he teamed up with the other Barcode Nebula heroes: Mega Blaster, Jaw Breaker, Jam Bam, Razor Fist and Cool Candy.

While saving the Barcode Nebula from the forces of Emperor Boss, Beast Feast had to travel through four time Eras and a total of twenty Light Worlds before taking on the ten Anti Matter Monsters.

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