The Barcode Nebula is home to many clans of beings, many of which used to live and trade peacefully.

That was until the evil Emperor Boss rose to power. With the greatest resources under his control, the residents of the Barcode Nebula turned on each other in a bid for survival.

But not everybody was affected in this way. Six brave heroes were determined to bring peace and order back from the violence and chaos being spread by the Emperor's 120 hench men.

This struggle, known as the Commerce Conflict, lasted for four Eras and was spread across five Light Worlds.

The Commerce Conflict ended when the six heroes, Razor Fist, Cool Candy, Jam Bam, Mega Blaster, Jaw Breaker and Beast Feast, defeated Emperor Boss. Peace was restored to the Barcode Nebula, but neither Emperor Boss nor the heroes have been seen since.

The exact location of the Barcode Nebula relative to planet Earth is unknown, though it is thought to be somewhere in the constellation of Orion.