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Barcode Boy Set 2, including Monster Maker: Barcode Saga

Barcode Boy was an add-on for the Nintendo Game Boy, released by Namcot in 1992 (a Namco brand name[1]) and developed with Sofel which was used to scan barcodes for compatible games.


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Nintendo Power 56 (January 1994) featured an article on the Barcode Boy[2]:

Bar codes, those small, black and white lines, hold all sorts of information that can be read by computer scanners. You've seen them at work in grocery stores and other places where information must be processed quickly. In Japan, they're at work in video games. The Bar Code Boy Set 2 comes with a bar code scanner, a Monster Maker Game Pak, and two character data cards. Although Monster Maker is also an RPG, it has a Battle Mode that lets two players enter bar codes and then go head-to-head in battle. The codes they enter determine their players' Hit Points, Magic Points, Attack Points, Defense Points, and Experience Levels. After entering the codes, the players sit back to see whose character will overcome. The scanner reads any bar code, not just the ones on the game cards, so the challenge is in trying out lots of codes to find one that will yeild the most powerful character. (Parents accoss the country who've found holes where bar codes have been cut out of every cereal and chip package in the house must really love his game!) The scanner is also compatible with auto and horse racing games available in Japan. Players of those games search out codes that will give the fastest car or horse.
  • Realease date- December 1992
  • Number Sold- 35,000
  • System- Game Boy
  • Company- Namco/Sofel

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