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Welcome to the Barcode Battler Wiki, the collaborative community website for Barcode Battler and other related barcode games, along with the barcode-hunting crazes they inspired!

Anyone, including you, can help by editing: click the edit button at the top of any page to get started.


The wiki is in the first stages of growth and nearly everything needs to be added (those articles that exist also need to be expanded), but first a few "founding principles":

  1. Try to be uniform in referring to the different consoles by their colour, not number unless it's helpful in a specific situation to do so: the original Japanese white Barcode Battler console is located at "Barcode Battler (white)" and its sequel, the internationally released black Barcode Battler (2) is at "Barcode Battler (black)".
  2. Detail: the aim is to write as much as is helpful on everything we can, rather than condense everything into subsections of one article. If in doubt, make a section in the relevant article and a new article for the topic.
  3. Combat King's Barcode Battler Website is the internet's main source of information on all thing BCB, but so as not to conflict with it, let's start with the stuff the website omits: in-universe stuff should be our specialty over real-world articles (though these will be needed to provide the "bare-bones" of the wiki to start it).
  4. Discuss: as a new project it's completely open to discussion on all matters: please add your thoughts as and when you can, and if anyone else is out there, let's all work together rather than clash!

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